Weekend getaway, by Jean M. Cogdell

Weekend getaway, by Jean M. Cogdell
Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway

It felt wonderful to get away tonight. Listening to the tea and sympathy had worn thin. I watched David rake his hand through his hair and even now, I wanted to reach over and brush the offending curl of blond that fell in his eyes. The reflection of oncoming traffic electrified those Paul Newman blue eyes. Not many people understood the term these days, Paul Newman eyes, but when David Marshall turned his baby blues on women, they understood. I hated the way women fawned over David. He loved the attention, and he loved women.

David slowed and turned onto the narrow road; squinting as he followed the unlit graveled drive. I’d always liked going to the lake, but tonight I couldn’t even enjoy the fresh air when David lowered the car windows. Yes, things needed to be set right, that’s all I could think about tonight.

The car stopped in front of our dark cabin. I’d not been here for months. The place probably had more cobwebs than a haunted mansion at Halloween, but I didn’t care. Being here with David was all that mattered.

I turned toward David and wished I could say the right words, but none came. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he opened the car door. Inside I watched as David flipped on a lamp, and immediately went to the makeshift bar and poured a scotch. Then drink in hand, he stepped out on to the back porch.

“Really, David! You could’ve offered me one!”

I tried to keep the anger from my voice; I shouldn’t have bothered. His back to me and with the clink of ice on glass, David finished the scotch in one gulp. I hated his habit of swirling and rattling the ice. Reminded me of shaking dice in a cup, David clanking his highball, sounded as dreadful as a woman tapping long red fingernails does.

“Did you ever love me?”

“I need another drink.”

One swallow and the second glass was empty. David then turned up the bottle. At least I won’t have to hear him shake that damned ice any longer.

“Two fisting it already David?”

It was time to remind David what had happened, and set things right. In the blink of an eye, I’ve moved onto the grass in front of him.

“David, look at me!”

“What the Fuck…!”

I watched his precious scotch empty onto the ground as the bottle rolled to a stop. My laughter echoed over the water as David stumbled off the porch.

“Oh my, that’s a waste of good scotch. Yes, dear it’s me. Did you think I’d forget?”

He staggered across the grass and followed me to the dock, as if I were the Pied Piper.

“I’m drunk.”

“Yes you are baby. Be careful dear, drunks don’t swim very well, nor apparently do dead wives.”

My hair surrounding my face moved like ribbons of red flames with the lapping water as my body floated to the surface.

He fell back, those once beautiful blue eyes now bulging with fear. “You can’t …You’re not … you’re… ”

“I can’t what David? Be dead? Of course, I can, you of all people should know just how dead I am.”

“No, No…” David turned to run, his foot tripped on a broken board.

“What’s wrong David?”

He flinched from my whisper and began to crawl back toward land and safety.

“Going somewhere?” I lowered my face to meet his.

“What? What do you want? I’m sorry…”

“Why David, I know you’re sorry.”

Paul Newman

Paul Newman

“Then why are you doing this to me?” He glanced around, behind him, the lake shrouded in blackness, no one out this time of night. I hovered between him and safety.

“I wouldn’t expect any help tonight Darling. I believe those were your exact words. Right?”

As I gazed at the man of my dreams, I realized he was nothing but a fool. I reached out my hand. David began to tremble when his hand slipped through the image of mine. Oh what fun, I couldn’t suppress the giggle that escaped.

“Oh do man up as the kids say. Even a drunk should be able to stand.”

Since dying, my laughter sounded off the charts scary as hell, and I loved the effect it had on David I must admit. I’d come to set things right, and I didn’t plan on going quietly into the abyss alone.

“Easy does it David. Move a little closer.”

The rotting boards creaked as David shuffled. I moved toward him edging him further along the dock.

“Look David, see us tangled, floating, together forever David and Danni.”

David clinched his fists; his trembling had become almost uncontrollable at the sight of the bodies. I moved in to set things right, to end this.

“No!” His nostrils flared, arms flapped as if to take flight and then David ran right through me!

“Well damn!” I didn’t think he had it in him. Shit! Guess I’m gonna have to start over. I perched on the porch railing and watched as he locked the sliding glass doors, as if that’d do any good. I smiled when his shaking hands spilled, as much drink on the table as in his glass. Too bad, he wasted all that scotch; he never cared much for my vodka.

“Let the games begin. I’ll set things right sooner, or later. I’m going nowhere without out you Darling.”

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A writer of literary fiction, Ms. Cogdell’s short stories are available in various publications, including, WTD Magazine, Once Upon a Time Anthology, YAREAH Magazine, Flash Fiction World, Squawk Back, and Angie’s Diary Online Writing. She resides in Texas where she is currently completing her first novel, you can visit Jean's Writing blog at

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