Artist Mauro Mari, Maris, the power of the Phoenix

Artist Mauro Mari, Maris, the power of the Phoenix
Isabel del Rio

Mauro Mari, Maris, an exceptional artist

Mauro Mari, Maris. Good and News

Mauro Mari, Maris. Good and News

Strength and colors, a crazy Labyrinth flying in and endless universe. Primary colors to represent primary feelings: red = love; blue = peace; yellow = activity; pink = transmutation, the power of the Phoenix, always rising from an eternal death… and of course, amber, the personal touch of Maris, maybe his original source of inspiration, because maybe in its caramelized transparency, he saw the eye of God.

Maris paintings are a dialogue between contrasts, between the two sides of a mirror: his canvas.

The land of Mauro Mari dances freely, sure. It has learnt to dance after many hours of training, many conquests and many wars. A hard training, now easy: a master in front of his work. Large brushes of a hand which runs unconscious, no previous plan, or perhaps the plan was already so meditated that now, after being forgotten, resurges clean, without mistakes. They say is ‘dripping’ or ‘action painting’; ‘abstract Surrealism’ could be called for others. I hate pigeonholing!, because I saw carnivorous flowers attacking to survive in a rain forest (Nuovi Orizzonti, ‘New Horizon’) or a path of love which finishes in a brilliant Moon (Visione, ‘Vision’). I hate pigeonholing since I felt an astronaut traveling by planets of kindness and smelling the pink perfume of a different air, still undiscovered (Buon e Notizie, ‘Good and News’) and because that trip was not directed by strict lines: ‘Never leave the boundary when painting,’ my old teacher from childhood repeated in her narrow-mindedness. ‘Never leave the boundaries when living, she was thinking.

Free Face, by Maris

Free Face, by Maris

Nevertheless, some people prefer to mingle with the others, to know infinite possibilities and solutions, to risk no solve anything and some people detest lessons about artistic movements and they prefer to enter into the canvas only to know for a second another side of reality (Faccia Libera, ‘Free Face’).

Me too.

Isabel del Rio

Maris bio:

Mauro Mari, aka “Maris” was born in Siena on March 24, 1940 during the course of World War II.
During adolescence he began to paint, but especially to seek his ideal method, considered unique even now, in 1968 began to exhibit his works first in Tuscany and after throughout Italy getting excellent results in both the public and critics.

Maris in 1972, opened an art gallery “San Frediano” that becomes a reference point for the Tuscan painting of the 70 and 80, at that time his works reach very high values of the market and therefore he moved to Florence. He work for art programs broadcast on national television. The paintings produced in this period are few, but the study of new techniques proceeds away from the scene.
With the arrival of the new millennium, he started to paint with more frequency and a new style took shape. Last exhibitions:

Vision, by Maris

Vision, by Maris

• 2012- Solo show “Mauro Mari in arte Maris” al “The Gate”, Firenze

• 2012- Collettive show at galleria “La rosa dell’arte”, Firenze

• 2011- Collettive show “Vernisage” al “Caffè Decò”, Firenze

• 2011- Collettive show “Una rosa d’oro per l’avis”, Montemurlo, Prato

• 2011- Collettive show “Le case della memoria”, Gran hotel Mediterraneo, Firenze


Artist Maris

Artist Maris

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Isabel del Rio

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