Park Kahi of After School Pop band. Biography and new projects

Park Kahi of After School Pop band. Biography and new projects
Ignacio Zara

Park Kahi in the weekly section of Ignacio Zara on Yareah Magazine. Biography and new proyects. Kahi is a great dancer, singer and now, actress too. What do you know about her?



The current famous singer and dancer Park Kahi was born in a small village in Gangwon, South Korea, on December 25, 1980.

She started training herself in singing and dancing at high school. At that time, she was fascinated by the hip hop group Roo’ra. Her father never wanted that she was an artist. Thus, Kahi went to Seoul alone and without money. However, she made soon an interview to be a backup dancer. Of course, she did well at the audition and her dancer career started.

Some years later, a choreographer in SM Entertainment will give her a chance to become a temporary dancer for BoA. Her cooperation with BoA lasted more than three years. In the meantime, she was the dance teacher for Son Dam Bi, May Doni, and Kim Jung Ah, her former band-mate.

In 2006, Park Kahi decided to debut as a dance-pop singer. She joined the Korean American girl group S. Blush, whose first digital single peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Chart one year later.

When the group disbanded, Kahi produced the debut of a new group together. She debuted in January 2009 as the leader of After School, great dancers and singers. A success!

Now, Park Kahi has started a solo career and above all, she is focus on her future as actress. Today, enjoy “Come Back, You Bad Person.” It’s worth.

Ignacio Zara

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