Disaster in Uttaranchal, a hilly state in India

Disaster in Uttaranchal, a hilly state in India
Arch Wordsmith

Poem based on massive disaster in Uttaranchal, a hilly state in India, by Arch Wordsmith. Best wishes to everybody who is overcoming tragic situations.

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The Nature’s Revenge

Denuded now the guardians stand,

Stripped of swords and shields they bore,

Watch they in sheer helplessness,

The death knocks at the door,

Watch they in pure agony,

As water gentle wages war,

If only man had buried greed,

And not denuded guardians all.

Water breaks our arrogance,

Our lust, our pride is drowning down,

We raped the land, we stripped it bare,

The water challenges our crown,

We stand our hands up in the air,

We plead to god, he won’t hear,

The water cuts the guardians deep,

We watch in awe, we watch in fear.


The clouds are bursting in the rage,

The thunder gods are rumbling,

Our lust has torn apart the calm,

The God’s abode is crumbling,

But question still does remain,

Will we hear the warning bell,

Or is it too late to be awake?

God is waiting for us in hell.


Arch Wordsmith

I am a warrior. A warrior fighting for truth. Truth that has embraced me. Embrace that has relieved me of my past sins. Sins that mean nothing. Nothing is what they do. Do what has poisoned the air. Air that we breathe. Breath that they choke out of us. Us is the crowd of common Indian. INDIAN is what I am. I am a warrior.

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