Whitney Houston was the victim of powerful drug dealers

Whitney Houston was the victim of powerful drug dealers
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Whitney Houston was the victim of powerful drug dealers, according to a private investigator.

English: American singer Whitney Houston perfo...

English: American singer Whitney Houston performing on Good Morning America (Central Park, New York City) on September 1, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whiney Houston: fantastic singer, tragic singer! Now, Whitney Houston could have been killed, according to a private investigator called Paul Huebl, a former police officer from Chicago, turned-private investigator and afterwards actor. He has also said that he was hired by a customer who was not satisfied with the results of the official Whitney Houston investigation.

Yes, definitely, everything is really sad if we are talking about the last moments of Whitney Houston. How did she really die? What was the true motive of her death? Did she want to committee suicide? Now, this private investigator, Paul Huebl, claims to have given the FBI a video showing that the famous American singer, actress, producer and model was the victim of powerful drug traffickers. Thus, whatever previous conclusion could be false. Because according to the ‘National Enquirer’ Paul Huebl, Whiney Houston, celebrated diva of 48 years old, would have been killed by a drug debt and not a cause of an overdose. Therefore and although the coroner had said that Whitney Houston had been drowned in the bathtub of a Beverly Hilton hotel room after taking a cocktail of cocaine, marijuana and drugs, Paul Huebl says that powerful drug dealers sent thugs to collect a great debt of money… The whole issue is very terrible!

It seems that in Paul Huebl video from the camera of the hotel, we can seen two suspects who might have entered the room of Whitney Houston the day of her murdered. We must not forget that the body of Whitney Houston showed classical defense wounds, which could have occurred while she was fighting to save her life.

We hope everything was clarified soon and Whitney Houston can only be remembered as the great artist she was.

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