Caturday: Puss in Boots, by Isabel del Rio

Caturday: Puss in Boots, by Isabel del Rio
Isabel del Rio

Caturday: A day for our nice cats.

Puss in Boots (Shrek)

Puss in Boots (Shrek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, as always, I’ve opened my facebook. I enjoy my fb, lots of fantastic funny friends, full of artistic and literary spirit, the two values I most appreciate. However, today a friend (in fact, a great painter) had hanged on my fb wall sad information, a fair petition: ‘JUSTICE FOR PUPPY MOLLY – send Matthew Milewski to jail!’ I love dogs, I’ve a marvelous pet, Jack the Labrador, and I felt really uncomfortable reading such a horrible news.

Afterwards, I’ve opened my twitter and my google+ accounts and I’ve seen that today is Caturday, a day to honor our cats, fantastic pets too.

To be honest, I didn’t know that Caturday existed, but I think it’s absolutely necessary to have a day (or a hundred days) dedicated to animals, to our nice pets, but even to wild animals, always endangered.

At home, we have always had dogs, never cats. Thus, my relation with them, it hasn’t been very close (I thought). However, maybe because I was shocked by the first news, I’ve started to think about cats. In the end, lots of memories have come to mind about them and me.

My cousin has a beautiful Angora cat and I’ve spent very many afternoons seeing its elegant movements around the garden. In my school, they were very many cats and we used to feed them with bread and milk, nice pets. One of my current neighbors has a black cat, a friendly animal. But the most persistent memory has benn that one of my grandma telling me the marvelous story of Puss in Boots. How I loved this tale!

‘The Booted Cat’ is a popular European tale and its origin lose in the night of times. It’s commonly known as “Master Cat’ or, above all, ‘Puss in Boots’. In the 17th century, the French author Charles Perrault wrote a version of it, which has been very famous (‘Le Maître Chat’, ou ‘Le Chat Botté’).

Our cat: ‘The Booted Cat’ is the pet of the poor third children of the miller’s kingdom. He has received only the Booted Cat when his father died. Bad inheritance? In the beginning he thought this, but the cat asked the boy to trust him. A pair of boots, courage and cunning will be enough to get the success. Then, the cat will lead the boy (from now on called Marquis of Carabas) to the king, he will meet the princess and the young son of the miller will finish in a love story with her, with a happy end.

‘Puss in Boots’ is an example of the power and happiness that pets can bring us.

Happy caturday!

**’Puss in Boots’ is also a 2011 American computer-animated action comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation. It was directed by Chris Miller and starring by Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek Realesed in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. A good film to see this Saturday, Caturday.

Isabel del Rio

Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine. Author of ‘Ariza’ (2008) and ‘The Girls of Oil’ (2010)

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